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Body Protection

We provide body protection suits includes fire proximity suit and asbestos suit that have been made from quality fire retardant fabric and protect your body from heat and molten splashes. We use Kevlar thread to stitch these garments since it is strong. These are light in weight and can be used by all those workers and visitors who work in high temperature areas.


  • Made from Aluminized Glass Fiber Cloth with vapour / heat resistance lining.
  • Stitched with Kevlar thread.
  • It consists of Hood, Visor and Fiber glass Fireman Helmet.
  • Coverall with or without BA set pouch.
  • Gloves with FR & woolen lining and insulation.
  • Superior quality Shoes with oil skid and heat resistance Nitrile Sole.
  • Suitable for proximity fire industrial radiant heat upto 1500 deg. C.

  • Made from Asbestos fabric with heavy duty flannel lining pasted with synthetic solution.
  • It is a one piece overall with Hood, pair of Hand Gloves and Safety Shoes with leather sole.
  • Available in three qualities i.e. S -20, AMC -41 and AMC -45.
  • Apron, Heap Legging, Furnace Mask, Blanket and Sleeves made from Asbestos fabric with heavy duty (S-20, AMC-41, AMC-45) are also available.



  • Made from thick, drilled cloth.
  • It is a one piece suit with two breast pocket, two pockets in pant with waist belt half/ full.
  • Available in many colours. Standard colours are :Orange and Navy Blue.
  • Logo can also be embroidered in case of requirement.

These suits are made from a superior quality Fire Retardant Fabric stitched with Kevlar thread. It protects the wearer in the high heat free from moltan splashes as well as heat. It is light in weight and can be used by the workman staff as well as other employees who are required to visit such high hear areas / Hot Zone. It is most ideal for workman staff to use this FR Suit while performing their duties as compare to normal dresses made out of non FR Fabric.

Colour: Blue / Navy Blue and Orange
Size: M, L, XL



  • Made from heavy duty laminated / non laminated Bright Yellow colour PVC material which is leak proof also.
  • Acid / Alkali proof and very ideal against chemical splashes.
  • It consists of Hood, Visor (replaceable) free size Pant and Coat with either zip or button and also available in Boiler Suit style.
  • Complete suit in high frequency welded.
  • Special air breather at back and arm with flap which gives protection and air circulation.
  • Also available are PVC Shoe Cover, Apron, Sleeves , Head Cap.

ARC Flash Suit

ARC Flash Suit are designed to provide protection from arc flash heat exposures thermal hazards of electric arc flashes and help to reduce the risk of serious injury. The flame resistant clothing is light in weight abrasion resistant non-absorbent and does not support combustion.

  • Arc Flash Personal Protective Equipment Kits are available in an ATPV rating of 55 and 75 Cal/cm2. These kits contains an arc flash coat bib overalls PRO-HOOD™ hard hat electrical insulating rubber gloves leather protector gloves glove bag SKBAG and safety glasses.
  • This kit includes 14” Class 2 insulating rubber gloves. Class 2 gloves are available in black Type I Natural Rubber.
  • Sizes S M L XL 2XL and 3XL available from stock. Other sizes available by special order.
  • These kits meet NFPA 70E-2004 Hazard Risk Category 4.

ARC Flash Suit

Honey Bee Suit

Honey Bee Suit

Honey Bee Suit provides one-piece protection for the backyard beekeeper and comes with a set of coveralls with pockets aplenty elastic around the wrists and ankles and a zip-on one-piece veil and hood combo. The beekeeper suit is a durable comfortable full-coverage suit with veil and hood.

  • Honey bee suit is completely sealed one piece suit with a hood.
  • It is made up of antistatic lint free polyester braided with carbon thread meshing.
  • This suit doesn’t hold any dust particles on it due to its excellent antistatic properties.

Sand Blasting Suit

We Offer Sand Blast suit which protects the operator from the impact of rebounding abrasive during warm weather or when blasting indoors. The suit is a cost-effective alternative to a heavy-duty suit for intermit-tent or short-term blasting, and for non-blast personnel working at the blast site.
  • Weighs less
  • Nylon and cotton construction is easily machine washable
  • Reinforced knee panels for longer wear
  • Discarding the lightweight suit after a toxic dust job is more economical
  • Available in a broad range of sizes
  • Complete set consist of sand blasting coverall & gloves

Sand Blasting Suit

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